Kids (and adults) do well if they can.

Moving Away from Rewards and Punishment

Conventional wisdom tells us we should use rewards, punishments and ignoring (a type of punishment) to make kids want to behave or comply with adult wishes. This behaviourist approach, reinforcing conduct we want and punishing conduct we don’t want, is routinely used...

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Plan B – Talk to the Child

Teachers occasionally call the office to get some support when a child is presenting some really challenging behaviour. They try to deal with issues on their own although when the behaviour is affecting the learning of the other students or if health and safety become...

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A Special Rock

A kindergarten child ran out of the class recently heading for the playground when he discovered his teacher did not bring his special rock into the class after recess. I went outside to help the teacher who was with him. At first he was reluctant to come close to us...

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Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

This year Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is November 19-23.Schools across the region will be planning initiatives and activities to promote respect, empathy for others, to build awareness and prevention of bullying and mistreatment. Various activities have...

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“Change your Words, Change your Mindset”

I saw this title while working as a school principal and felt that it applied directly to CPS and how we think of challenging behaviour. If we change the words we use to describe the behaviour then we change the way we see the person. As a result we will respond in a...

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