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Book – Lessons from the Schoolyard

Every teacher, parent and school principal wants students to have a successful school experience achieving high levels of academic success. Unfortunately this is not always a reality for all kids in too many of our schools. How can we increase literacy and mathematics results not only for students who are struggling, but for all kids? How do we build a sense of belonging and connectedness among our students, parents and their school? How can schools help to reduce stress and anxiety in their students? How can schools provide a positive and safe learning environment for their kids?

Based on over thirty-five years as a teacher and school principal, training and coaching teachers and parents, Chris Alexiou in “Lessons From The Schoolyard” presents many thoughtful and collaborative school wide and classroom approaches used in two of his schools. “Lessons From The Schoolyard” provides teachers, parents, principals and anyone interested in increasing student-learning with proactive strategies to harness the skills and talents of students, staff and parents to create positive learning experiences for kids.

When teachers, parents and the whole school community work together great things happen for students.

Review – Canadian Teachers Magazine

Now retired, Chris Alexiou has drawn on his 35 year experience as a teacher and school principal to write Lessons from the Schoolyard as a guide for educators seeking to create a positive learning environment for all students. Subtitled What the Principal Learned from the Kids about Creating a Great School, the book describes the process of developing programs, activities, approaches, and philosophies in two Ontario schools with the very conscious goal of helping every student succeed. The staff of these schools worked hard to engage all the stakeholders within the school community to make them feel that “this is my school.”  They identified individual students at risk of being left behind and found innovative ways to meet their needs.

This is an honest account of real schools’ initiatives, some successful and some that didn’t work out quite as hoped for, that will be an inspiration for new and veteran educators as they work to create welcoming and effective schools.  Lessons from the Schoolyard can be purchased from Amazon or directly from Chris. [Review by Diana Mumford.]

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