Kids (and adults) do well if they can.


Parent Coaching on the CPS Model

Parent coaching includes support implementing Collaborative Problem Solving®, managing challenging behaviour at home and in the community, problem-solving around school issues and working with the school system.

Personal Coaching on the CPS model
– The CPS philosophy
– staying regulated (calm)
– the three plans
– determining the problem to be solved
– attentive listening for the child’s perspective
– awareness of lagging skills
– how to apply the Plan B conversation at home
– troubleshooting/assessing Plan B
– “you don’t need control, you need a relationship”

Coaching for New Teachers, Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants focuses on thorough preparation for your job interviews so you can be fully prepared to demonstrate your personal and professional skills and talents to land that first job, or position of added responsibility. Chris draws on his interview experience and knowledge working as a school principal to help educators “put their best foot forward.”

Coaching for parents focuses on helping parents navigate the Ontario school system. This includes understanding Special Education, working with the school (principals/teachers), understanding assessment and evaluation, instruction, behaviour and supports available to children and parents.