Kids (and adults) do well if they can.

Chris speaks from the heart and mind! His passion for educating and caring for children is evident by his theoretical knowledge of CPS, but even more powerful is how his knowledge translates into helping children develop the skills they need to be successful as they mature. His presentation was heartfelt, easy to listen to, and is something that all parents would appreciate and children will learn from.
Vince Monaco – Principal – St. Joan of Arc- Oakville

Great presentation and thought provoking
College Street School teacher, Smithville Ontario

Great message and presentation, I will check out the website and try at home and school. A different perspective for figuring out and solving issues
College Street School teacher

Simple steps and to the point, great, not bombarded with info
CollegeStreet School teacher

The presentation was informative and provided useful strategies teachers could use in the classroom. A great introduction into the philosophy of Collaborative Problem Solving. Parents appreciated the new strategies that they could try home.
Todd Halliday – Principal – College Street PS, Smithville – Niagara DSB

Exceeded my expectations- I liked that the presentation was very clear, easy to understand and related to teacher/student and parent/child
Sunningdale School teacher, Oakville

I used CPS the next day. It nearly didn’t work , then suddenly the student decided to enter into a mutually agreed upon solution
Sunningdale School teacher

Thank you for the presentation. I think that going forward I would love to see our whole school adopt this model
Sunningdale School teacher

I found this presentation very useful and informative, as a teacher and as a parent
Sunningdale School teacher

I feel excited to go home and discuss the Plan B approach with my husband-we have different parenting approaches and I think this will be helpful
Oak Park Network parent

A lot of great information. Greatly met my expectations
Sheridan College Oakville – Parent/Social Work student

Beyond(my expectations)…It was a wonderful experience I gained more confidence in my knowledge of this very important strategy
Sheridan College student/parent – Educational Assistant Program

The presentation was engaging, it will be a great strategy to implement
Sheridan College student – Educational Assistant Program

The presentation was useful and I learned a lot of new skills
Sheridan College student – Educational Assistant Program

The presenter was very thorough and knowledgeable. I like how you used personal examples (relatable)
Sheridan College student – Educational Assistant Program

The presenter was very passionate and informative. Kept us engaged. I found the visuals, videos and examples very useful
Sheridan College student – Educational Assistant Program

Great, realistic videos, personal examples helped me relate
Julliard School parent

It was a great presentation and I will use it very much
Julliard School parent

I took a fabulous parenting course this spring on collaborative problem solving. The facilitator, Chris Alexiou, is excellent and I learned so much from him. He’s offering the course again this summer – please see the attached flyer with more information if you’re interested in signing up. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It was amazing.
Bianca – PEEL Parent

Chris I want to thank you for an excellent presentation of the course. What I have learned has been most helpful . I find I am listening more to my 14 year old son and giving him the opportunity to talk more. It’s been hard for me to keep quiet and not give an immediate response to what I think is the right solution . My son is sharing more. It’s not always what I want to hear, but he seems to feel comfortable talking to me. Well, taking the course is a start to a new way of relating to my son. I thought I would review as much as possible and try baby steps and be thankful that my son is talking to me.
Thank you. Brenda

I am so glad I joined this class with my husband. I am not a perfect parent but my husband was really struggling with our 4 year old. There was lot of crying and struggle everyday. My husband still doesn’t want to be on screen, he still listens to all that you say. From the last class, there has been so much change!! Thank you!
Regards, Devina – Halton Parent

I’ve learned so much so far and have really enjoyed learning CPS. I have tried having some conversations with my daughter and they have gone well!
Andrea – Oakville Parent

I appreciated your patience and knowledge during the course. I feel I have a learned a lot and will be using this style not only at home with my son — but also at work with my colleagues.
Alice – Halton Parent